Tetrix 0.95


1. Welcome
2. Instructions
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3. Start the game Medium resolution
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4. User license
5. Free Registration
6. Warranty
7. Tetrix Online
8. The Author


Welcome in the Tetrix Game!

This version of the famous Tetris game is derived from Quater, the DOS version from the same author. Download it for free at http://www.ctgsoft.it from the software download section.

Before you play let's see the instructions.

This is a beta version, so please notify me of problems or proposals:



You have to fit the falling blocks to form horizontal lines without holes.
If you reach the top the game ends.
The speed increases as time elapses.

Active keys:
RIGHT ARROW Move right
LEFT ARROW Move left
UP ARROW Rotate block
DOWN ARROW Fast fall down

150 for a only line
350 for 2 lines
600 for 3 lines
900 for 4 lines

10 points for each block that falls.

User License

You can copy and distribute this software without fee, but it is forbidden to modify any files in the package.

You are free to use this version on a single computer, for personal use only. You can use this software in a network or on an Internet page but you must register yourself.

It is forbidden to modify the files in the software.
Please read the Tetrix online section.

The rights granted in this User License are not guaranteed in the next versions and the author can invalidate them by posting a new warranty.

Free Registration

You can obtain a free registration sending an E-mail to the address:


writing in the subject:


In 10 days you are going to receive a confirmation of the registration, if not, please repeat the sending.

The registered users will receive an info message when the program will be updated. Normally the registration is optional, read the User License to see when the registration is requested.

To see your rights about the traitement of your datas, please read the Letter about the privacy.


The software is distributed as it is following the rules described in the User License.
There is no warranty about the program and the damages eventually caused by it.

Tetrix on line

You can use Tetrix in a network or in an Internet page, as described in User License.
Tetrix is an applet written in java, so you must put these lines in your HTML page:

<applet CODE=Tetrix.class width=380 height=380>
<PARAM NAME=lang VALUE="english">
You need a browser java enabled!

You can modify the values width and height: they identify the area where the game is shown.
The lang parameter can be english, like the example, or italiano. In the first case all the game will be shown in english language (default), in the second case the game will be in italian language.

You can't modify any message inside the game, but you can call the applet game from your HTML file.
Besides if you distribute your page using media supports, you must also supply the total Tetrix packet as it is distributed: without modifications.

The author

Casadio Tozzi Giuseppe
E-Mail: info@ctgsoft.it
or: ctgsoft@iname.com